SternbergTests is an app for doing psychological testing of working memory.

It presents a series of 1-7 stimuli (eg numbers) centrally on the screen, followed by single stimulus items with Yes and No buttons. The correct response is Yes if the stimulus was part of the previously presented set or No if not.

Classically numbers are used, but this also can present letters or words (with some provided that can be edited).

Settings can be altered to present the stimuli initially prior to a series of single stimuli, or you can have a different set of stimuli presented prior to each single stimulus. You can set the number of trials for each set of x stimuli, eg the default is 12 items per 2, 3, and 4 stimulus sets. You can set the time out for each trial, and other settings which are remembered between testings.

Once a test is completed "Finished" appears on the testing screen, and results will be able to displayed in the Results section. This graphs the results, which typically shows an increase in mean reaction time with increasing length of stimulus set. You can save a pdf of this screen (with xls and xml versions if available). The most recent results will be saved, though only those sufficient to re-create the graph and table of results. If you wish to save all the experimental data, then there is a Show All Responses button, which will save all the most recent experiment's results, but this won't work if you have quit SternbergTests and re-opened the Results graph.

To reiterate, be aware that if you wish to save the xls (and xml) results from the most recent experiment, you need to open the Results window and tap the PDF: button at the top. This will save pdf, xls and xml versions for later sharing (via the PDF Viewer).

The PDF Viewer will show saved files, which are named by the identifier you entered for them, and the date and time stamp. You can review the pdf, and when you share pdf, xls and xml results will be available to export. If you delete a file name, then all files associated with this name are also deleted.

What devices does it work on?

It only works on Apple iPhones and iOS 13.6 and higher.

Who can use it?

It was designed for cognitive scientists. I suspect others will find it uninteresting.

Work in progress!

If you have any suggestions after using it, please send them to us< since this will only improve with feedback from real life users!

We welcome all enquiries (Contact Us).

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