DayRadar is an app for the latest dual camera iPhones which converts distances seen by these stereoscopic cameras into audible tones (played by different instruments).

What devices does it work on?

It only works on Apple iPhones with dual cameras. It does not work on iPads or single camera iPhones. It requires both cameras to generate depth maps of seen by the cameras. It does not (yet) work with augmented reality using a single camera.

Who can use it?

It was designed for visually impaired people who might benefit from having another aid to judge obstacles and distance. We specifically thought it might provide extra information to help persons using a cane.

How to use it?

Tips to use it

You can change the:



Below are brief videos showing use inside our building:

Work in progress!

If you have any suggestions after using it, please send them to us< since this will only improve with feedback from real life users!

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